Reconnect to Your Self and Your Family Through Nature

La Finca Family Retreat in Colombia, South America

Come with me, bring your kids (if you have them), nourish your soul. You can ride a horse, milk a cow, sit on a rock in magnificent landscape and reflect, learn the basics of energy work or climb a mountain in hundreds of acres of South American cloud forest. Expand your awareness and connection to your True Self, your family and your Spirit.

View of a mountain

If you yearn for opportunities to be outdoors, do inner work, and play in Nature, day after day, without having to come home again to the clock and the schedules you feel bound to, if you wish you had the proper conditions to provide your children (over 8 years of age) with the space to discover Nature on their own terms, in their own time, then this is a week for all of us, adults and children alike, to experience the freedom to explore what our inner promptings and our curiosity moves us towards. It is a week of recharging, allowing ourselves to be inspired by the natural world, and connecting to deep peace within and on the outside, as well as to community at La Finca in Colombia, South America.

a lake in the mountains, with cattle surrounding it

La Finca, is the Friedmann family’s working dairy farm. Situated in the Colombian Andes mountains, it is a singular, unforgettable place because it is located in a vortex of empowering Earth energy. There, we explore the mountains and the cloud forest, on foot and on horseback, alone and with others. Although we may choose to open ourselves to awareness of self and spirit through group interactions, energy work, meditations, or reflection, the energy of this magnificent place spontaneously attunes us to that awareness.

There’s more details in Questions and Answers or, better yet, call 773/338-7890 to request an application or get more information. I welcome a conversation with you!

view of the Andes from the top of a mountain at La Finca

This amazing retreat includes:

  • Delicious Colombian and Latin American meals during the retreat at La Finca
  • Comfortable, basic, family-style accomodations at La Finca
  • Transportation from Bogotá to La Finca
  • All meditations and workshops led by Andrea Friedmann
  • Access to hundreds of acres of a working farm, including fields, cloud forest and mountains
  • Horseback riding

To request an application form or for further information, contact me, Andrea Friedmann by telephone at 773/338-7890 or by email at andrea at


12 Responses to Reconnect to Your Self and Your Family Through Nature

  1. Amy says:

    I have been working with Andrea for almost a year and can already see and feel huge differences in my life! Andrea is a very open and intuitive person. I trusted her right away (which is a rarity for me when I first meet/ start working with people). The trust has lead to some very powerful work stemming from our sessions together. I cannot recommend Andrea enough! She knows what her clients need and intuits the best ways to help them move forward as enlightened, stronger, true spiritual beings on their journeys through life. If you can go to Colombia for her retreat, do it! You will no doubt come back home a changed person.

  2. Brigittine French says:

    Andrea Friedmann is an amazing teacher and healer. Her work is divinely-inspired, culturally-sensitive, and spiritually-grounded. Above all, Andrea is able to recognize, communicate with, and conncect you to your higher self. This retreat has been many years in the making and is sure to transform participants on many levels. The stunning beauty of the natural surroundings on La Finca is matched by the power of Andrea’s practice.

  3. Amy says:

    Words cannot describe the experience possible here, and that is actually part of the beauty. But I’m going to try my best: One of Andrea’s many gifts include that she truly does see and connect to your highest self. Her commitment to being aware of and honoring your best self then naturally deepens your own attention to it, as well, gently inviting you to live from a conscious awareness of your own beauty with far greater frequency. Even without attending La Finca this is a life-changing experience. But imagine bringing this kind of nurturing practice into the awe-inspiring mirror of nature for full days at a time! Wow. How could words describe what that would be like?

  4. Martin Bingham says:

    I have visited The Friedmann finca and consider it to be among the most beautiful, physically imposing places I have ever been to. A truly magnificent place where nature, in its myriad wonderful manifestations, is very present.

    I cannot say enough about Andrea Friedmann. I have never met anyone like her. She has been of immense help to me in both my personal and professional lives. She has guided me through a radical rethinking of my entire life. Her work has helped equip me with a framework which is helping me to navigate my daily challenges.

    Andrea is exceptionally bright and cultured who has been blessed with the gift of insight. As a result she can easily relate to persons of any background. She has a first rate analytical mind, is non-judgemental and has a knack for getting to the genesis of obstacles and helping to unravel the complex connections that exist between obstacles / challenges and one’s ability to identify and to work to overcome them.

    Working with Andrea is an experience like no other. Her retreat will be the beginning of a process of greater self discovery (not to be confused with “navel gazing”) and personal growth.

  5. Thank you, Amy, Brigittine, Amy, and Martin. I am grateful for your powerful words, for the trust that you offer me. I appreciate our ongoing connection and enjoy sharing the journey!

  6. Ima Barraza says:

    Andrea is one of my oldest and dearest friends. The Friedmann Finca was always an important and inspiring part of our lives. In it we shared the most amazing experiences. When we were children we spent glorious days at the Finca with our families and friends. Later on, when we were teenagers, we would often go to the Finca to camp out and do a lot of horseback-riding and soul-searching. It is one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and amazing places I have ever been to. I cannot tell you how much I miss Andrea and our trips to the Finca. Through love, incredible insight, and wisdom, Andrea has helped me understand who I really am. Ever since I can remember she has been my spiritual guide. I love her dearly. I highly recommend this retreat to the Friedmann Finca. I know you will benefit immensely from this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hope to see you all there!

    Ima Barraza

  7. The Finca is the place where everything begins. The magic, the spiritual connection, the force, the fantasy, the happiness, the inspiration to follow our spiritual calling. It is a source of energy and a magic place. What a great gift for everybody who can share this experience.

  8. Roberta Brown says:

    The days I have spent on the Finca, from childhood through to adulthood, were nothing short of magical. Time stands still. The Finca brings people together – it’s been doing that for generations – in the most majestic and inviting mountains you can imagine, where weather rolls through on a whim, showering just long enough for a siesta, then opening up an irresistible rainbow that demands one more walk or one more ride. And the feeling of community that it inspires creates a whole that is much larger than the sum of any parts I could describe!

  9. Hyacinth Bingham says:

    My son asked me to leave a comment about Andrea. I do not know her personally but am closely acquainted with the results of her work. My soncredits her with being the driving force behind the important changes he has been implementing in his personal life. Most gratifying for me, as his mother, is that she has been very successful in helping him to take seriously the need to give his health greater priority. As a result he took the initiative to design his own weight loss program and has been sticking to it with noticeably positive results.
    On the basis of this achievement alone (and there are others) I concluded that Andrea must be an amazing person. She has gained his complete trust . He speaks about her to his friends constantly and recommends her to all who will listen.

  10. Ofelia B. says:

    La Finca stands for “the farm” in spanish, and provides the space to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the hectic rythm of everyday life. I can understand why Andrea wants to share this space, because for many of us here in Colombia, while we were kids going to the family farm provided the best time ever. Just the change of scenery will provide a soothing effect on your mood and well-being.

  11. Hi Andrea!

    The Life Force Center updates brought your work to my attention! I love the sound of your work and retreat sanctuary! (I am also a peace teacher who loves to share the wonders of the natural world with children and grown-ups.) I write to inquire if you network with other local teachers (I’ve recently re-located to the Chicago area via Bellingham, Washington.) My passion is deeply for children, especially young boys who are caught in destruction cycles of shame and blame (bullying), and who are not seeing their own gifts, beauty and radiance. A thought is to share an article I’ve written called Bullying: A Deep Call for Love and Awakening to the Divine.

    Link to article called Bullying: A Deep Call for Love

    If you feel a resonance, it would be glorious to connect!

    Bright Blessings. Thank you profoundly for existing and for all you are doing.

    Laura Bedford

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