La Finca Family Retreat- Connect To Your Self and Your Family Through Nature

Before Your Retreat

When you request that we save you a space, we will send you a registration packet containing an application form that includes medical and legal information, which is key. Until the deposit has been paid and all forms have been signed and returned to us, we will be unable to guarantee your spot in the trip.

A window frame and the view of the mountains beyondFEE INCLUDES…

  • Lodging at La Finca
  • Food during the retreat at La Finca
  • Bed Linens and hand towels
  • Shuttle service to La Finca
  • Retreat facilitation and activities by Andrea Friedmann
  • Access to all areas of La Finca that are not being used for daily farm operations
  • Horseback riding


  • Personal clothing and personal gear
  • Lodging or food in Bogota
  • Bath towels



Our Cancellation and Early Departure Policies are based on our investment in staff, training, course planning and food and equipment purchases in preparation for your trip. We cannot cover our expenses if you cancel less than 60 days before your trip begins. In addition, short notice cancellations can prevent others from attending and may force us to cancel the retreat. In order to protect our investment or lost revenue, we retain a portion of the full payment according to the following Cancellation Schedule:

  • before May 31, 2011 = $300 retained
  • May 31 – June 30, 2011 = 30% of full fee retained
  • July 1 – July 14, 2011 = 50% of full fee retained
  • July 15  – July 31, 2011 = 100% of full fee retained

Cancellations may be made by phone but must be confirmed in writing. If you cancel, we will retain $300 except as noted above. Please ask your travel agent about trip cancellation insurance (or check the internet for trip cancellation insurance), which will cover the transportation.

Early Departure Policy

Once your trip begins there are no refunds for voluntary withdrawal, withdrawal for motivational reasons, or for “no show.”

The view of the mountain with trees in the foregroundSafety

Vibrations approaches the issue of safety very seriously. We plan our retreats in a conservative manner, beginning with our request that each participant provide medical information in the application process. We discuss safety at the start of each retreat -and continue those discussions through the retreat- so that retreatants know, and practice, good safety.

As your retreat facilitator, I have been carefully trained in first aid and wilderness first aid by the American Red Cross.

You can find answers to any questions you may still have about safety in the Question and Answers page, under “Is there any danger?”

If you have any questions or to request an application, please contact me, Andrea Friedmann by telephone at 773/338-7890 or by email at andrea at vibrationsreikitouch.com. I would love to have a conversation with you.


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